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Planner 201/301/401


Spring 2018

what is this?

THIS IS A 2-Month

Bundled COURSE

Planner 201/301/401

Create something beautiful

what’s included

Planner 201: Designing Your Core Planner Pages

New Courses released every Tuesday AM

  • Module 1 Course Orientation, Tools & Important Resources
  • Module 2 Design Tutorial: Annual Layout
  • Module 3 Design Tutorial: Monthly Layout
  • Module 4 Design Tutorial: Weekly Layout
  • Module 5 Design Tutorial: Daily Layout
Planner 301: Designing Your Add-Ons

New Courses released every Tuesday AM

  • Module 1 Design Tutorial: Supplemental Sections with Lists, Checkboxes
  • Module 2 Design Tutorial: Interior & Exterior Page [Cover Design]
Planner 401: Producing Physical Planners

New Courses released every Tuesday AM

  • Module 1 Production Setup: DIY At-Home Fulfillment & Shipping
  • Module 2 Production Setup: Print On Demand, Drop Ship Printing & Overseas Bulk Production
Live Q&A Calls (2)
  1. Live Q&A Call #1
  2. Live Q&A Call #2

Both sessions will be recorded and you can submit your questions ahead of time and it will be answered even if you’re not on the call.

Who Is This For

  • Aspiring Day Planner Creators & Sellers
  • People Who Love Planners & Want To Build Their Own
  • Aspiring Erin-Condrens-of-the-future looking For Expert Instruction On How To Create Planners
  • Anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the design process for planners so they can work better with a professional graphic designer

Who Is This NOT For

  • Those okay with mediocre planners created in Canva or Excel
  • Those who don’t value beautiful branding & design*

We’re going to create upscale, high-end luxury planners intended for celebrity clientele. If you could make our planner designs in Excel, then we’re not doing our job right.

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Dream Big

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Course Materials

  • 50+ Page Workbook
  • Over 15+ Video Lessons
  • Bonus InDesign Templates


Spring 2018