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Create Your Next Profitable PDF using InDesign

Learn to take the fear out of InDesign

enrollment opens Jan 2018

opens Jan 2018

Create Incredible Workbooks & Profitable PDFs

using InDesign


Are you tired of relying on expensive graphic designers (and spending way too much time waiting on revisions) to help you with your PDFs?

Do you want to know how to completely personalize every detail of your next incredible workbook for your course, webinar or mastermind, but have no idea how?

Have you been intimidated by trying to learn Adobe InDesign before?

Are you ready to take full control over your own PDF handouts once and for all!?

Of course, you are!

Because I know where you’re at.

Once upon a time, I had NO clue what it took to create a PDF download. I wasn’t very artistic and definitely not at all technical. I had no idea what Adobe InDesign even was! I remember what it was like to look at the gorgeous PDFs from Melanie Duncan, Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo and By Regina and feel super envious that mine looked nothing like theirs. 

I majored in History and was an HR Director for my dayjob.

Expensive Designers

So naturally, I hired a designer but that was crazy expensive and not always what I wanted nor was it ever delivered on time or without the need for tons of revisions.


Free But Frustrating Tools

Next, I tried Canva, PicMonkey and Designrr but the spacing was always off. Or worse, I didn’t want to follow their exact layout and an image a tad larger or smaller than the template would throw the whole thing off. Naturally, I then proceeded to waste hours conforming my words and images to be exact replicas to the original template, despite the fact that’s not how I wanted to layout my design.

InDesign Was So Confusing

By now, I figured out that I needed to use InDesign. It’s what all my designers were using and the only tool able to create the layouts exactly like I wanted. But I was completely intimidated by all of the panels, strange buttons and completely foreign layout of Adobe products.

Education Changes Everything

I took a ton of InDesign courses and that’s when my PDFs went from meh to marvelous.

I loved the instant gratification that came from envisioning a beautiful download to seeing it before my eyes, meaning I no longer had an overbooked graphic designer holding me back with their timeframe, conflicting priorities or their lackluster memory of what I asked for. And I couldn’t believe how easy it actually was to create drop dead gorgeous workbooks in a few minutes.


what’s included

Create Incredible Workbooks & Profitable PDFs using InDesign is my step-by-step course to help bloggers, coaches, course instructors or any content creator like you learn how to use Adobe InDesign fast so you can get to beautifying your own workbooks and PDFs quickly and easily. It’s structured for online businesses with real world tutorials for design considerations for anyone who’s ever wanted to provide a Lead Magnet, a Content Upgrade, a Webinar or Course Workbook or really any type of PDF.

If you want to learn how to create drop-dead gorgeous Workbooks fast and fearlessly, then Incredible Workbooks using InDesign is for you!

Incredible Workbooks using InDesign is a 4 module step-by-step digital course that is designed to take you by the hand and explain Adobe InDesign in a way that you can understand. No confusing tech talk here!

Incredible Workbooks is the absolute fastest way for you to take your Workbooks & PDFs from meh to marvelous!

Video Lessons

Instructional Video Lessons walking you through the exact process from idea to content completion of the perfect PDF


Follow-along fill-in-the-blank workbook filled with checklists, guides and cheatsheets


Useful tools, alternative resources and a comprehensive where to go for what guide


Video Slides

InDesign Wireframe Template

course modules

1 | Idea Phase

We’ll take your vast depth of knowledge, skills & tips and expertly pare them down into bite-sized chunks of content gold. You’ll learn

  • How To Us Goal-Setting Psychology to develop Content That Converts
  • Top 3 Most Profitable PDFs
  • How To Plug PDFs Into Your Sales Funnel
  • The Perfect PDF Wireframe
2 | Design Phase

We’ll take your rockstar knowledge and package it into a luxury, high-end Tiffany Box. You’ll learn how to create

  • Incredibly gorgeous workbooks
  • Visually stunning layouts
  • Professional-looking designs
3 | Engagement Phase

We’ll make your PDFs interactive. You’ll learn how to create

  • Forms
  • Checkboxes
  • Required & Optional Fields
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Workbooks
4 | Delivery Phase

We’ll create our workflow from where to store your PDFs, how to program opt-ins on your site and how to delivery them to your anxiously awaiting subscribers. You’ll learn

  • How To Store Them on Amazon S3, DropBox, Google Drive and more
  • How To Use LeadPages & LeadBoxes
  • How To Integrate With Drip
  • How To Lead Visitors from your Webinars, Website, Social Media Posts, Video and Books To Your Profitable PDFs

who’s it for?

Anyone interested in

  • Attracting subscribers with beautiful PDFs
  • Creating their own incredible workbooks
  • Learning how to use Adobe InDesign to create glossy magazine-type layouts


YouTube Vloggers

YouTube Vloggers



Event Planner





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video lessons

You’ll get access to 3 mini-lessons that will walk you through

Idea to your Next Profitable PDF

  1. Leveraging Goal-Setting Psychology In Your PDFs
  2. Top 3 Most Profitable PDFs
  3. How To Plug PDFs Into Your Sales Funnel
  4. The Perfect PDF Wireframe