I Get It

Building beautiful digital downloads like planners, checklists and e-books is hard, and without someone to show you how, it can be like going to a singles mixer.


Without a wingman.

Or a cell phone.

don’t go it alone

And no, I’m not talking about hiring an expensive designer to do it for you or trying to do it all by yourself.

I’m talking about something in between.

Not exactly do-it-yourself and not exactly done-for-you

but something EVEN BETTER



I’m talking about an InDesign BFF

She doesn’t do the actual work for you but instead she does something even better

  • She share all of her tools, knowledge and resources with you
  • She’s a lifeline to help answer questions when you get stuck
  • She gives you templates to get you going so that you never have to stare at a blank page again
  • She encourages & supports you
And most importantly, shes there when you need someone to tell you...

“You’re on the right track!

Here’s how I can help you